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Silicon Valley 2 x 10

Two Days of the Condor

As the guys await the verdict on Pied Piper’s fate, an unexpected real-life drama draws a spike in traffic to their livestream and leaves them fighting to hold things together – literally. While Erlich considers his future, Richard scrambles to save Pied Piper’s.

Two Days of the Condor2015-06-14
Silicon Valley 2 x 9

Binding Arbitration

When Pied Piper and Hooli enter binding arbitration, Erlich demands to be put on the stand. Meanwhile, Big Head finds himself propped up, and Richard worries Hooli’s claim could have legs.

Binding Arbitration2015-06-07
Silicon Valley 2 x 8

White Hat/Black Hat

Richard causes trouble when he sympathizes with a competitor.

White Hat/Black Hat2015-05-31
Silicon Valley 2 x 7

Adult Content

Richard is faced with a tough decision, regarding the future of Pied Piper. Dinesh flirts with a woman online.

Adult Content2015-05-24
Silicon Valley 2 x 6


Monica wants Pied Piper to participate in a livestream event. Erlich reconnects with Double-A, someone he used to mentor. Jared encourages Monica and Carla to be friends.

Silicon Valley 2 x 5

Server Space

Gavin continues to cause trouble for Pied Piper. Gilfoyle works on building servers. Jared becomes Richard's roommate.

Server Space2015-05-10
Silicon Valley 2 x 3

Bad Money

While considering Gavin’s proposal, Richard is approached by Russ Hanneman, an image-conscious billionaire who wants to back Pied Piper, but may not be as “hands-off” as he claims. Gilfoyle and Dinesh play hardball to get what they want; Gavin finds a new strategy in dealing with the enemy.

Bad Money2015-04-26
Silicon Valley 2 x 4

The Lady

Richard and Erlich disagree over a potential employee. Dinesh and Gilfoyle worry that someone they recommended for the company will be receiving more money than they make.

The Lady2015-05-03
Silicon Valley 2 x 2

Runaway Devaluation

In the wake of Hooli’s bombshell, Richard and the guys struggle to find a backer as they face legal and financial woes. Monica attempts to balance her interest in Pied Piper with her job. A cash-strapped Dinesh tries to put an end to the Kickstarter campaign for his cousin’s new app, Bro. Richard gets a surprising offer.

Runaway Devaluation2015-04-19
Silicon Valley 2 x 1

Sand Hill Shuffle

The Pied Piper guys are wined and dined by every venture capitalist under the sun, while Monica adjusts to a new managing partner at Raviga as the company faces major changes.

Sand Hill Shuffle2015-04-12